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ColdExt Wiki and Getting Started Tutorial

Having a bunch of custom tags and an XML dictionary for CFEclipse is one thing, but knowing how to use them is another! So last night I began working on every developer's favourite task... documentation :P

The ColdExt Wiki is now enabled on RIAForge and I have started out with baby steps by writing a Getting Started Tutorial which covers the absolute basic requirements of getting up and running with ColdExt.

I have a number of pages and tutorials planned for the wiki (some of which I have already made notes of on the wiki home page) and will get around to adding them as soon as I can. If anyone would like to help out with documentation (rofl!) or start a discussion about what documentation is needed the ColdExt Forums could be a good place to do it. I am open to suggestions!

The next release of ColdExt will very much be about better documentation and demos, in addition to more tags and enhancements of course :)

P.S. Does anybody know if it's possible to turn off WikiTerms on RIAForge? At the least I think a special token like __NOTERMS__ would be very useful.